Hurry up and sing me Happy Birthday so I can eat cake.

Yesterday Lucas turned 4.

You know, I am getting much more relaxed with each kid. God must have a great sense of humor because, he gave someone who is an only child with intense OCD 3 Boys and a girl.

As a friend of mine said, there is nothing that will make you “get over yourself” like kids.

It is true. Every word of it.

One of my family traditions is to decorate the dining room for birthdays with balloons and streamers, with the idea that it will make the birthday person feel special.

Yesterday, as I realized (at 10PM) I still needed to decorate for Lucas’ birthday I rifled through my decoration drawer and found some balloons left over from cinco de mayo, streamers left over from the 4th of July and some random Happy Birthday banner. I decorated with all of my found items, and even felt proud that I had decorated and in time for his birthday.

I am SO over myself. As I looked around the dining room the next morning while having coffee with Ruben, I said;

Me: Boy have I changed.
Ruben: How?
Me: Just look around, I have red white and blue streamers, green white and red balloons and some random happy birthday banner as decorations for Lucas birthday. 3 years ago this would have sent me into a frenzy! Nothing is coordinating, There is no cute birthday theme! Oh well, He is lucky he has any decorations at all!

Ruben: Well, we could make a theme out of this. . .
Me: Don’t try to make me feel better!

Later that night, we had friends and family over to celebrate and have cake.

Me: OK guys, let’s sing happy birthday to Lucas
Lucas: Come on, sing happy birthday to me so we can eat cake!

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