more, more and more Soccer!

Here are a few pix of the kids weekend games.

Tommy’s games are intense, and I mean intense.  You can see it all over his face!


Lucas’ games are not as intense because he’s still U7 and some of the kids are still picking daisies on the field.  But for those who aren’t, like Lucas the game is intense.  He takes it very seriously like I’ve mentioned before.  I am not sure if it’s his favorite sport, but he really does enjoy the game.


Then there’s Eli.  This one photo sums him up completely.  A total complete LOVE for the game.  This boy carries a soccer ball everywhere we go. On the way in to school in the mornings, he dribbles that ball all the way from the car, across the parking lot, down the sidewalk, and grass up to his classroom.  He is never more alive than when he is playing soccer.


I heart these boys and their sheer ability to not give up when they’ve been cleat-ed, pushed down, scored on and plain out fouled.  It only makes them play HARDER.  They don’t run off the field crying.  They may lay on the field for a second, but they ALWAYS get up and keep playing.  That must come from The Hubby because I would just say “forget this!” and give up the sport.  I was really never very coordinated in sports and, I didn’t really care to be even though all of my friends were.  I was content doing other things.


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