All day soccer on Saturdays means busy, busy days for us.  This morning Lucas had his game at 9, which means being on the field by 8:30.  Ruby is usually not amused and I think she’s getting a little sick of these soccer games.  We were at the field until 7:30 last night, and the only saving grace was the Pizza parlor afterward.

Today Lucas played phenomenal.  He is fast and NOT scared of that ball, in fact he header-ed it, and scored 2 GOALS!!!  He was very proud of himself, and he should be.  He’s worked very hard for it.  It’s always a bummer for me when one of my kids get stuck being the keeper, which both Tommy AND Lucas did for the second 1/2’s of their games. I understand that this is a very important position, but they LOVE action and really enjoy playing the game.

I’m bummed about last night’s game.  I don’t have a lens to properly capture the U10 league, as it’s on a near full size field AND I had very little light so my ISO was so very high to try to capture something, but most of them came out blury.  That’s all gonna change SOON, you’ll see!

Here are some shots of Lukie (and ruby cause we just have to go to the playground during the game).


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melissa - October 10, 2011 - 3:46 pm

A new lens coming soon?!!!!

melissa - October 16, 2011 - 4:46 am


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