Isn’t she lucky?!

So as I realize that most pictures I’ve seen of kids raiding the cabinets end up with cheerios on the floor, I also realize that it wouldn’t happen like that in my house, and today Ruby proved me right.  I have been troubleshooting some problems with The Hubby’s computer and this morning I was pretty involved with it, so I put Dora on for Ruby while I worked away…

Then, it got wayyyy to quiet so I headed downstairs to find out WHY it was so quiet.  This is what I found.


She totally raided the cabinets and found her favorite snack!  Girls are SO different.  To this day when Tommy (who is 9) is hungry he still comes to me and says “Mom, I’m hungry can you get me something to eat please?”  to which I respond, “There’s the fridge, there’s plenty of snacks in there. Help yourself.”

Not ONE of my boys ever did this, they always came to me first.  Ruby being the very independent little girl that she is just took it upon herself to get the snack SHE wanted.

Later in the morning as I was making my bed, I found this glass bowl that she apparently filled with the Lucky Charms.

All she did was eat all of the “charms” out of the cereal and left a big ole mess of the actual cereal for me to clean up.

Ya gotta love the independent nature in her, although I could do without all the mess!

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Melissa - September 30, 2011 - 4:31 am

Ha, ha! I thought Ella was the only one raiding the cupboards without asking because she is older. Julian will ask every time also.

Ruby is too cute.

Coco - September 30, 2011 - 10:03 pm

I love this – she’s a cutie pie! Zoe was never too bad on raiding the pantry but Karli is a total different story. Karli has started “storing” things in a drawer in her bedroom. Hence, last week during a lil’ potty conversation she told me that if I pooped she’d give me a treat. I said “really…what kind of treat?” Karli: “A treat I bought.” That peaked my curiousity….I said, “oh, where are they? Are they good?” She proceeded to lead me into her room & proudly display her hijacked bag of vanilla & chocolate marshmallows I had bought at Ikea & were never opened….until Karli. As I continue to find surprises in Karli’s drawer, I’ve prepared Pete that she’ll have her own episode on Hoarders someday. :)

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