Big Girl Quilt!

I am so excited!  We are almost ready to move Ruby into a “big Girl” bed and today’s package made it even more real!  The Boys were all out of their cribs (because they had to be, with a new baby on the way) by the time they were about 1 1/2.  But Ruby, being the baby and really just the ease of letting her stay in the crib a bit longer is STILL in it!  She’s a little over 2, and totally, knows how to escape the crib, but she seems content to just wait for me (or her brothers) to get her out of it in the mornings.  There was really no rush to transition her, and really I was not ready to start the fight of putting her back in to bed 100 times every night until she got used to a bed.

This quilt is amazing.  Ruby LOVES it.  I ordered it from a little Etsy shop she is amazing and I wish I could actually sew sometimes.  Anyhow, it’s pink, turquoise and red!  The colors I want to do her room in. Here is my Pinterest board with inspirations for it, the room will be rad!  One day when I can get around to doing it.


She had just gotten out of the bath and nature girl loved rolling around on it, “ohhh, softy mommy, me like it!”

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