Salsa, verde style!

What Goes Into it?

10-20 Tomatillos (they look like green tomato with husks)
3-7 Jalapeño’s
A couple palm-fulls of salt

Serves: 8

How Do I Make It?

Soak the Tomatillos for 5 minutes to soften husks, remove the husks and cut into halves or quarters if they are large. Put them in a large pot and turn on fire to low.  Leave them until they turn soupy and the skins are tender.
Roast the Jalapeño’s over low heat for 1-2 hours, the blacker they get the better (*side note: the air can get spicy smelling and will burn some people’s eyes so you may need to do it outside).
Put the Jalapeño’s (whole) into the blender (removing the stem) and puree.  Remove the majority from blender and set aside.
Add the cooked Tomatillos to the blender and pulse adding in more Jalapeño’s to taste.
Start with one to two palms of salt and pulse tasting before adding more salt.  This is one of the most important ingredients if the salsa doesn’t taste like salsa, keep adding more salt very slowly so it’s not over done.
Refrigerate until cold and serve on everything!

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