Shake that…

Often in the mornings to get us going The Hubby will BLAST music in his office and we have impromptu dance parties. So much in fact that I said we should all be a flash mob for Halloween! Currently this is the #1 favorite song, for Halloween, I think I’ll be the Robot. He’s my favorite. Keep in mind that we edit out the bad stuff when we play it so usually that means not the FULL official video, but just the flash mob part. So, “Party Rock Anthem” along with her brothers taught Ruby how to shake her booty. Now every time she gets excited about something she says “uh-huh, uh-huh” turns around and shakes her booty.  These were a few pix I captured of her last week FINALLY eating a new food…bananas!  and in the last frame, there she is shaking her BOOTY!!!


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