For Sale.

One Fish tank.  Gently used.

Yup, that’s right the last little fishy kicked the proverbial bucket this morning.  I have to say it did teach the kids a little about mortality.  When Gregg died, Tommy had tears in his eyes.  When I found the last fish this morning, he didn’t even want to come down to participate in the flushing ceremony!

I would much prefer a dog to fish, reptiles or small rats (guinea pigs).  Ruben thinks I’m crazy but I REALLY want to get the kids a dog for Christmas.  I always grew up with pets and I think it’s good for them. I think I am almost ready.  Maybe if Ruby is potty trained by then, I’ll feel more strongly about convincing him…I see a Lucy moment coming my way soon!  Who will by my Ethel?

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G e t   S o c i a l
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