Is it possible…

That I had almost forgotten just what sleep deprivation can do to you? The last 6 months has been fairly good in terms of the kids sleep patterns.  A few rouge nights here and there but our sleep (even if we are struggling with it personally) has been pretty uninterrupted.

Until the last week. We’ve had Ruby in our bed at least 3 times, Tommy twice and then last night, I was woken every 1/2 hour by Ruby I think she’s having those night terrors that show up around 2, then I got booted from MY bed by Tommy who was also having nightmares! I was BTW dreaming that Ruben and I were vacationing in Paris. So much for that, the couch is definitely is not the French countryside. It’s a lumpy couch.

This all has totally made me realize I SOOOO DO NOT WANT ANOTHER BABY!

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melissa - August 30, 2011 - 4:53 pm

just one more…ha, ha. my guys are still having the hardest time going to sleep before 9 and it has been so hard trying to get ella up in the morning and out the door. i’m hoping by tonight they will just be so exhausted they will just crash.

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