Rad A-Frame tent.

Yesterday a friend of mine and I set out to make these super cute A-Frame tents I found over at Cakies.  You can find the entire tutorial over there!

It was surprisingly successful, given that I DO NOT SEW OR IRON and I had to do both for this project.  Granted it was only 3 seams and a little elastic to attach, but that is not an easy feat for me.  We ended up having some trouble with my machine, the bobbin was not cooperating (that MUST be why I can’t sew, ya, that’s it!) but we managed to get it running long enough to get the project done.

The kids were actually a huge help, and didn’t fight too much (well, HER kids didn’t fight) I can’t really say the same for the younger two boys who eventually were banished to their bedrooms only to have Eli crash out on the floor, poor kid he was just tired.

Tommy has been bugging me all last night and all this morning to go to the fabric store because he wants to sew more stuff.  A dress for his sister, PJs for his brothers.  It’s really sweet and I like that he’s interested in it, maybe HE can be the one who sews in this house!

It was also really, really nice to have some genuine, (and I’m talking more than a 10 second chat with the neighbor as I’m running off to chase Ruby) adult conversation.  That’s been lacking way too much the past couple of months.  It’s funny because we “took the summer off” from any sports or school activities and I guess I didn’t realize how much socialization I got during the drop-off/pick up times as well as the times we sit at the field for practice.  I’m kinda a loner so I like having time without having to talk with anyone, but this summer has been a little much, even for me.

Anyway, enjoy the pix and if you get a chance you can check out my friends blog she’s super creative, an amazing seamstress and always has fun ideas of things to make with and for the kiddos.

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melissa - August 18, 2011 - 6:09 am

I love that Tommy wants to sew…seriously way cute. We had so much fun!

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