There is this place in LA that has been around forever.  It was one of the first places The Hubby took me to when we were dating.  I’d have to say it may be his favorite place to eat.  I think you can get like 30 tacos for like 5 bucks!  He’s been known to take off on any given day for no reason other than to go grab a few tacos for lunch.  If we are ever in (or even passing by) LA, we have to stop here. Now, he’s got the boys addicted!

We were headed up to the hospital on Friday for Ruben’s mom’s Surgery.  She had to have a pacemaker put in.  This woman is amazing, had more surgeries than I can shake a stick at and even though it’s been rough, here attitude is still so positive.  Needless to say, the kids were not up for an adventure that day.  They just wanted to stay and play with the kids on the block, that was until Tommy had the fabulous idea on the drive up…

“Hey Mom, isn’t King Taco around here???”

You didn’t have to tell The Hubby twice!  Quick change of freeways and guess where we ended up.

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