On friends that we’ve made family.

This is Mae Mae, or Mi Mi, or Megan.  She is Ruby’s best friend and lives across the street.  Ruby begs for her all day and cry’s when she leaves.  She is an exceptional little girl who we are very fond of.  Mae Mae will spend hours with Ruby, just playing dolls, coloring and being a “girl”.  The things that her brothers just don’t really get.

I am very thankful for Mae Mae, and her spirit.  Ruby and she are very much a like.  They are girly girls, and rough and tumble at the same time.  They won’t take any nonsense from the boys, they know EXACTLY what they want.

They are kindrid spirits.  Thank you Mae Mae for being Ruby’s Big sister, and PS…she NEVER gives her kisses away so you must be very special to her.

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