Shopping with girls is more fun!

Another reason little girls are so very different…

They HELP you shop for clothes.  They don’t whine about wanting to go.  They actually help you pick out shoes, skirts and dresses AND they get excited when you go into the dressing room and try them on.  Very different than having to manage a beastie boy who is crawling under the stalls and trying to look at the other girls!

This morning when the kids were in VBS, Ruby and I decided it was time to turn in my pairs of 6 year old shorts and look for some new ones.  My Grandmother is always so good about getting me gift certificates to stores for clothes, I however, am not so good at using them.  So they accumulate. In fact my Grandmother was my sole wardrobe provider for many years.  We’d go shopping together 2 times a year (because you can get away with that in California) for my clothes, girls just need more clothing options than boys. Wait, don’t ask The Hubby about that…I am pretty sure he beats me in this category.

ANYWAY, Ruby and I were off to Old Navy to do a little shopping.  She insisted on putting the espadrilles into my bag, along with the 3 “WOW, NICE” dresses, the pink and coral tops. Once she had successfully filled my cart we were off to the dressing rooms. She handed me the outfits she wanted me to try on, and after about 3, she jumped up and ran to the mirror herself. I thought she was going to make a break for it and head under to the next stall, but instead, she stopped in front of the mirror did, a 180 and checked herself out!  Then again, and again.  She kept spinning around and looking at her behind in the mirror then giggling.

I couldn’t believe it.  I guess she saw me do it when I was trying on the first 3 outfits, and decided she needed to see what her derriere was doing it the shorts she was wearing!



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Mom - July 14, 2011 - 10:46 pm

You know it’s pretty funny as I was reading this I had a flashback of you and I shoppping when you were a young girl. You were turning around checking your butt and your arm slides over your butt as you do it. U still doing that??? Ha Ha!! Some things really never change.

Here’s to lots of years having fun shopping with your pretty girl. If you 2 have 1/2 the fun we did you are truly blessed.

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