Baby’s got brown eyes.

I have blue eyes.

My Dad had blue eyes.

My Grandmother has blue eyes.

My Great Grandfather had blue eyes.

So when Tommy was born with blue eyes, it seemed only natural.  They have since turned hazel-green. Then, I had Lucas. He was born with eyes that looked almost silvery black, I kept waiting for them to lighten up and they did a little, then they turned brown.  Brown eyes, I thought?!

Sounds silly, right? What does eye color matter? I have a healthy baby, but, I guess I just wanted to keep the memories of my Fathers and Grandmothers beautiful blue eyes around. “You have your Grandfathers eyes” I always imagined saying.  I mean they are and were the bluest blue you’ve ever seen and I love(d) them, so I wanted my kids to have them.  But what I NEVER realized is how amazingly beautiful brown eyes are, Usually (like in my kids and Ruben) they are sprinkled with a little yellow and surrounded by these amazing long lashes.

Anyways, brown eyes ROCK and my Lucas has brown eyes so deep that they tell a million stories, as if his soul is as old as the earth. Since the day he was born.

Eyes, that with one look will pierce your soul.

My baby has brown eyes and I love them.  “He has his fathers eyes.”

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Mom - June 11, 2011 - 1:13 am

Wow, I remember singing that song to you when you were little. Only it was baby’s got blue eyes for yours. Wasn’t it Elton John?

The other song is beautiful beautiful brown eyes, I’ll never love blue eyes again. Which can also be reversed.

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