For Posterity

Eli does this thing when he’s really, really and I mean REALLY MAD.  He’ll get as close to you as he can and open his mouth, stick his tongue out and let out a very high pitched scream.  We always laughed at it but, we could never really describe it… that was until he did it when my cousins were visiting us.  Eli was all upset about something, when he did it to me. My cousin Arianna nearly fell out of her chair laughing.  She then, very calmly said (I think it was her, but it could have been Billy it was so long ago) “Wow, he’s like a Velociraptor!” Ever since that day, we call him that when he gets mad…although he tends just to get more mad when we say “Hey Velociraptor! chill out!”

I have to admit that this photo is staged but I had to post about it, because he’s started to do it less and less and I didn’t want to forget about it!  Here are a couple outtakes:

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