Grandma Sol.

One of the things that made me fall in love with The Hubby was his total complete love and adoration for his Mother.  While we were dating, he spoke of her as if she was an angel. It was months before I “earned” the privilege of being introduced. I’ll never forget the first time I met her.  Ruben was graduating from USC with his masters.  Although he’ll claim that it was his idea, I really have my sister-in-law, Sonia, to thank for that meeting.  I remember eavesdropping on the phone conversation that went something like this:

Sonia:  “You ARE bringing Anji to the graduation. AREN’T YOU, RUBEN?!”

The Hubby: ” Uh, well, hm, uh…I think so.

Sonia: “Good because Mom and Grandma want to meet her.”

The Hubby: “Of course they do BECAUSE YOU TOLD THEM!”

Sonia: “SO! It’s about time. Don’t you think?”

The Hubby: “Fine. I’ll call Mom.”

The second he hung up with his Sister, he called his Mom (I think he wanted to get to her before Sonia did).

The Hubby: “Mom, blah ba-blah blah blah. Uh, would you be ok with me inviting my girlfriend, Anjelica, to the graduation?”

Mom: “OF COURSE MIJO!  Anjelica?  WE can’t wait to meet her!”

The Hubby: “OK, Mom, I love you. See you Friday.”

Instantly, my nerves overwhelmed me. I was sooooo nervous. I kept on hearing my name over and over in my head, BUT not like everyone normal person says it… An-Gel-la-kah. INSTEAD, The Hubby chose to pronounce my name with a Spanish flair that you tend to hear on Spanish soap operas (or novelas) emanating from the macho mouth of Rah-Moan, the latin lover. I had become…An-Hel-E-ka!

You see, they all were expecting a Latina to show up for the graduation ceremony.  Not a little white girl that’s for sure!  Ruben’s family when they all represent can be quite large, and we took up an entire row.  Ruben’s Mom on one end, and me on the other.  THE ENTIRE ceremony, she kept peeking over at me and giggling so I just smiled nervously and waved, there had been no time before the ceremony to be properly introduced.  So after it was over, and even with the surprise of  the “Guerita” showing up, I was welcomed with such warmth, love and acceptance that I felt like I had been a part of the family for years.  They are cool like that.

In the weeks and months that followed it only got better, I became family. I’ve always felt awkward around other peoples families, but not this one.  It felt perfect.

Obviously, we were married and we surprised everyone by having 4 kids! Grandma Sol well, she just EATS IT UP.  She absolutely LIVES for her grand kids, they giver her life. Here she is with Ruby, the second granddaughter.


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Heidi - July 6, 2011 - 6:26 pm

Cute story Anji!
Love how Ruben has/is modeling love and respect for his mother, to his own children! A true man!
but remember that your Mama-Cita-In Law probably adores YOU TOO as an Hija in Law :)
You’re a wonderful mother and wife!

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