When the house is finally quiet in the evenings, one of my favorite things to do is sneak up and watch the kids sleep. Little is more magical than to sit on the side of their beds, brush the sweaty hair out of their faces and watch them dream. Sometimes, I feel as if I could sit there for hours and just stare at them. I go from bed to bed tickling their noses and toes as they sleep, touching their soft skin and then tucking them back in. Sometimes I tell them stories while they sleep and, other times I just listen to them breath or groan, or smack their lips or well… fart. Then I laugh because I remember what smelly boys they are.

Until recently Ruby slept so lightly that I couldn’t go in to check on her because it’d wake her up so I didn’t really know (aside from car ride naps) what her sleeping patterns looked like. She sleeps just like Eli, big surprise right?! Those two are so much alike from the curls on their heads, to the shape of their faces, to their temperaments, to the way they sleep.

I found these pics at the end of a shoot I did a couple weeks ago, glad I didn’t loose them.

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