The last game of the season.

Lucas and Eli are only 21 months apart and the older they get, the smaller that gap feels.  This season, we were originally going to put Eli and Lucas on the same baseball team but at the last second we decided Eli was still a little young emotionally.  He was only 3 after all, and even though his skills were there we didn’t think he could hang with the “big kids”.

Last Friday during Lucas’ practice, Eli finally got in on the action.  There were only about 6 of the kids there and the coaches had Eli hitting balls to the team while they practiced their fielding.  Coach watched Eli play and was really excited to see how well he did.  Of course, he’d be no where near that good without his big brothers and The Hubby playing all the time in the cul-de-sac, at the park or basically wherever and whenever they can play because like I’ve mentioned before, balls and I don’t get along. Anyway, Coach mentioned that they were going to be short a few players for the game Saturday and that they may be able to use Eli as some sort of substitute (it’s only t-ball folks don’t get all upset).  As soon as he heard that, he lit up like a Christmas tree and come Saturday morning started rifling through his brothers drawers looking for any baseball attire he could find.

I suited him up as best as I could and sent him off to the field with his brother.  I had a photo shoot that afternoon so I had to miss the game, but The Hubby caught this little bit for me.  It makes my heart warm just watching it (which I needed because this evening was absolutely crazy with the kids, I considered selling them again but figured that I wouldn’t get much so I threatened to take away everything until they earned it instead), my favorite part is how “on” he is.

“Eli! Get Ready”

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Mom - May 26, 2011 - 1:37 am

Awesome! Eli does so well!!! Hoping to have time to buy him a pair of shoes this weekend

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