The body (I mean shoe) wasn’t even cold.

This week Lucas needed a new pair of shoes, he had completely grown out of his and the ones we have to hand him down from Tommy are about 1 year off in size.  So, I had to go out and buy a new pair (ugh).  These kids go through shoes so fast and they aren’t cheap!  They use them as breaks on their Razors and Bikes.  They drag their feet, or just completely outgrow them in a matter of months.

I got them home and Lucas was super stoked while Eli waited quietly to see if Lucas REALLY did like his new shoes.  The moment I asked Lucas if we were keeping them, he could barely utter the word “YES” before Eli ran to the garage shoe rack and pulled out Lucas’ old set of shoes.  He was PROUD and excited that he got a “New” pair, too. They fit Eli perfectly and then immediately he started doing sprints to show me how the new shoes ran faster.

Part of it made me gleam with pride that Eli was excited to get a hand me down, and the other side felt sad for a second that he didn’t get a new pair of shoes, too.  Because his had holes in the toes and were pretty pathetic.  But I have gotten very frugal these days.  I’ve even resorted to sewing holes up in shirts and pants, and you know how my sewing is!

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