He’s 4 the interview and…

Elias turned 4 in late March, It was supposed to be a long day at Disneyland for The Hubby and Eli, so we decided that we’d do our family celebration the next night. Apparently it was TOTALLY packed and after 5 hours of being there they only got on 3 rides (if you count the tram) the entire day.  Eli was done and I think The Hubby was, too.

Ruben called me from the road at about 4, and told me that they were coming home but that they got a rain check to go back on another day.  Now what was I going to do? I usually make the cake the day of the celebration and here I had nothing.  I panicked and luckily Rene called from the market to ask If I needed anything. YES!  YES! PLEASE!  Can you please buy a cake?  He asked what type and size and then hung up.

Later when Rene showed up to pick up Pablo, I asked them if they’d like to stay for cake and to sing happy birthday, he said (it’s Eli’s birthday, and snickered.) sure we can stay!  I quickly opened up the cake and. . . nearly hit the floor.  He had it written on:  Not Happy Birthday, or It’s your Big Day Eli, or You’re turning 4.  Nope, Rene had a completely different idea in mind indeed.

You’d have to know Rene. He’s kinda quiet but has a super dry sense of humor.  We all got a great laugh (especially The Hubby) and Eli didn’t get what the cake said, anyway.  He was just happy to have cake.

ELIAS’ 4 year old interview.

What do you like most about yourself?
-That I can play sports

What is your greatest accomplishment?
-Going off the curbs on my bike without training wheels last summer

What would you like to be when you grow up?
-A Soccer player

What is your favorite thing to do?
-Play Sports and ride my bike.

What is your fondest memory?
-What’s a memory

Who is your hero?
-My Dad

What is your favorite movie?

What is your favorite food?

What are your hobbies?
-Playing baseball, basketball, soccer, and building things with Lego’s

What do you like best about school?
-Snack and Recess

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