With a heavy heart.

I am eating Pringles, they sort of remind me of chicken nuggets.  They aren’t REAL potato slices, they are potato pieces that have been pressed together into a shape and called a chip.  But the reason I sit here awake eating Pringles at this hour is not because my daughter just threw up all over me (fish tacos albeit) in bed and we had to change all the sheets and re-take our baths. But (and all joking aside) my friend is faced with a reality that no Mother could ever imagine facing.  She will be delivering her stillborn baby, induced tomorrow.  My heart is so very heavy for her and her family. I feel helpless and trapped without words to comfort her. The only thing that I could offer her is to take photos of her beautiful little girl in the hospital.  I’ve submitted my application to be a part of an organization that does just this, because it’s close to my heart.  It’s called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, and basically it’s a ministry for photographers to document lives of babies gone from this earth too soon.

I never had to deliver a baby I lost.  There were 6, but I never met them, and sometimes I am grateful that they went to heaven before I felt them in my tummy. She’s felt her baby girl, she will hold her baby girl, and although I will never know that sort of pain, I hope to help her remember the joy of that baby.

The Hubby is snuggled up with Ruby right now watching Melmo (Elmo) and I think I’m going to join them.

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