Tommy’s journey is just begining.

Easter this year was extra special for our family. Tommy took a big step in his Faith and got baptized. He’s been wanting to do it for over a year, but he was still a little young so we made him wait. He is very spiritually mature at such a young age, he actually has a relationship with God, and is already asking really big questions about faith…

Tommy: “Mom, what’s the deal about free will? I mean is God is sovereign, right? Then that means he already knows everything we do and are going to do, so how in the world does free work, then?”

Me: “Uh, woah Tommy. That’s a really good question, lets ask Pastor J. I am not sure I fully understand it in it’s entirety either, or at lease not well enough to properly explain it to you.”

Here are a couple of pics from the baptism that the photog at church caught…I didn’t bring my to church that day because I didn’t know this was going to happen. It just felt right to Tommy and so he went for it!

Afterwards, I asked him how it made him feel.

Tommy: It made me feel awesome because I sacrificed myself to God completely.

PROUD, PROUD Mamma, here.

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