Best Day Foundation

Last Sunday we did a little something different…we were invited to go out and support a group who helps helps children with special needs and gives them the chance to do things they may never normally get to do like surf, paddle board and kayak.  We packed up the whole clan and headed out at the crack of dawn out to Doheny State Beach (the place of my very first job! Glamorously flipping burgers at the snack bar, during the summer when I was 12!) to volunteer our time. In retrospect, we probably should have left the younger two with Grandma so that I could have had a chance to help out a bit more, but it was a super experience for Tommy.  Caleb and Melody, a couple of the participating kids we had a chance to meet and play with, were great. They had everyone excited and cheering!  Thanks for allowing us to be a part of the day. We were touched by the experience and the kids. Tommy totally dug it!

More on Best Day Foundation Here:

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