My Little Bubble.

There are some days when we are out and about that the kids are so rambunctious, willful and disobedient that I put myself in a little bubble. This bubble is a safe place where no one can see me or my obnoxious (oops, I mean wonderful) children.  Of course they can, because bubbles are CLEAR, but I pretend they can’t . . . like the other day when Eli threw himself on the floor of in the entry to the grocery store and chucked his flip-flops down the isle, or today WHEN:

We went Joann’s fabric store trying to get some things for the kids to do a fun fall craft at home when both Lucas and Eli announce at the top of their lungs that they have to use the restroom.


Lucas: ME TOO!


Me: Of course you do boys, let’s go and find the bathroom.

Upon locating the restroom, I instruct Tommy to go into the restroom with them and come out if they needed anything. After about 2 min. there was a scream, not just any scream but a blood curdling scream that was heard around the entire store!  If you know my boys, you know they can put any girl to shame with their screams. I knock on the bathroom door to have Eli answer holding his, uh, um, front privates.


Sometimes I look at my kids along with all of the people staring at me and say “Whose kids are those anyway?” Sometimes I laugh, and most times this is exactly where my little bubble comes in, lalalalalala no one can see me, no one can see me.

The rest of the trip to the store was just as bad, running in the isles touching everything, talking wayyy too loudly. The lady at the cutting counter even got on her microphone and asked the kids to settle down. UGH! I really appreciate it when there is a kind, gracious woman that just looks at me and smiles but more often than not I get the meanies that have NO clue on how much work it is to have all these monkeys, and how bad the bad days can be. Sometimes those meanies can break you.  When Eli had that tantrum in the grocery store, this older lady walked right up to him and grunted “What’s the matter with you”. I really wanted to turn to her and reply the same way and it took everything in me not to.

Just close my eyes, count to 10 and I’ll be in my little bubble.

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mom - September 25, 2010 - 2:02 am

You’re always in my prayers baby

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