Beach Fail.

The weather has been so crazy around here lately that when we woke up on Tuesday and it was absolutely gorgeous, I had to go for a drive to the beach. It’s like a magnet that draws me in, I love the beach. For me, there is absolutely no other place that makes me feel better than I do when I visit it and it’s FREE to boot.

I figured we’d just drive down there, take a walk on the beach and pier then head back to pick up the older boys from school. As always, my plan was NOT what happened. As soon as Ruby and Eli saw the water they HAD to go down to stick their little toes in, so with camera in tow down we went. I figured I could get a few shots of them playing despite that it was noon and full sun, I didn’t care, I just wanted to get the looks on their faces. They were frolicking in the sand and barely getting their toes wet when I decided to re-position myself so I could shoot into the sun and get some cute expressions with less shadows on their faces. About 2 seconds after I got in front of them in the water, a big-ole wave came up and knocked them BOTH down, we all got soaked but thankfully as soon as the shock was over they started laughing and wanted to go back in despite the fact that the water is still FREEZING! I striped them down to their bottoms, played for a bit more in the sand and then headed home.

NEXT TIME I’LL bring swim trunks, even if I don’t think it’s warm enough to go in, because I have a feeling WE WILL BE GOING in!

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Mom - April 8, 2011 - 5:36 pm

I love the picture of Eli holding Rubys hand.

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