It’s Saturday afternoon, the Baby is asleep and Tommy is at the field with Dad.  I REALLY should be folding some of my laundry, but I think that I’ll have myself a little nap, instead.  Before I do, I wanted to share one of our Sunday traditions with you.  After we come home from Church, I make Chorizo eggs and beans for the family.  It’s been so nice that Saddleback has started a new campus here, not only do the boys serve with their Dad every Sunday, we feel like we are a part of a family.  It’s been cool.  It’s also SUPER awesome that church is less than 5 min away from our house!  That leaves us time on Sunday’s now to come home, eat, chill and enjoy the day with each other a bit more than when we hauled ourselves down to to the main campus.  Thanks Saddleback!  We <3 you!

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