I’ve been looking for the prefect location… a sunny flower field or something to host a few of the spring shoots I have booked.  So, on Tuesday I packed up some snacks and headed out on an adventure.  I thought it’d be a quick trip, but when we arrived at the location that I was thinking of I quickly realized that it was going to take a good 1 mile hike in to find the perfect spot.   I highly suggest that when you go on a hiking adventure you prepare better than just packing 2 bottles of water, a few yogurts and THE STROLLER.

OH, THAT STROLLER.  There was so much mud from the recent rains that portions of the trail were completely washed out and nearly un-walkable.  Forget un-stroller-able.  I fought with that stinking stroller the whole way and by the time we got there, to the perfect spot, the kids were DONE. And really, I was too.  This spot though, oh, it’s so perfect. If only the kids would cooperate.

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