Coming up for air.

I am here.  Everything is OK.  Thank you for your concern but, about 2 weeks ago I promised myself that I would not blog, take photos (excessively) or do anything otherwise until I finished up the two web properties that I have been working on.  It’s been night and day and I am so very excited to announce the sneak peak here.  The full sites will launch on Friday (and I’ll provide final links then) but here’s what I’ve been spending my days, nights and creative energy on.

The goal was to create a home on the web for these amazing schools, a place where parents and students can come to obtain the resources they need, and basically to make their home on the web as awesome as they are in person.  I think we have finally achieved phase 1.  The re-design, keeping the sites different yet cohesive, totally expandable. Phase 2 and 3 will include complete multi user functionality (social) and virtual classrooms.  I am very excited!

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