Playing Horse.

Did you know that playing “Horse” meant playing Chess?  Neither did I until yesterday! Lucas kept asking me to play him in Horse.  I’ve been outfront many a times and had overheard the neighborhood kids playing “Horse”…but it was with a basketball! Since I don’t play sports (balls and I do not get along well), I kept saying no and telling him to go find his brothers to play outside.

He disappeared for a moment and then returned with a Chess set. “Pleeeeaaassee Mom, play Horse with me.” I smiled and chuckled. “You mean Chess? Of course I’ll play, but do yo know how to play?” “Yep,” he said proudly and began to set the board up. Surprisingly, he did a pretty good job (not sure where he learned it, but I suspect he may have been watching Tommy play at school with his friends). As we were getting ready to start, both Eli and Ruby began screaming. I looked over and saw that Ruby had absconded with Eli’s Lego men that he had set up as audience members for the chess match. Off to the races to catch Screaming Ruby around turn #1 (btw, this type of activity along with going up and down the stairs, which my days are full of, I consider my exercise …who needs a treadmill or stairmaster?!).

Once the the audience was back in place and I had Ruby redirected to destroy (…I mean, play with) something else, Lucas provided me a review of sorts of the “players and their moves”. First, there were the Frawns, who could only move forward one space and diagonal to kill, EXCEPT on their first turn they could move across the ENTIRE board. Then, there were the Fishhhha, who could move diagonal on ANY color. Next up, the Castle who could ONLY move to kill the King. Then followed, the Queen who we had to “protect ’cause she was the most important one just like in our house.” Finally, and without surprise, the Horse, for which the game is named, which could move wherever and however he wanted. I giggled.

I asked him if I could explain the game to him with its rules and proper names. After doing so, he looked at me and point blank said, “I like my rules better, but I’ll play your way.” We started to play and he was a very good sport. Although I went easy on him, he got my Queen! (I’m sticking to my story that I was distracted by Ruby and Eli!) I really enjoyed playing with Lucas. It is so cool to be able to do things with the older boys that I personally enjoy and get a chance to connect with them on a fun-level.

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