The day started with a 5K

Flashback to 2 weeks ago.
Tommy: Mom, I want to run the 5K on the fourth of July with Dad.
Me: Uh, OK Tommy but have you ever run 1 mile?
Tommy: No.
Me: . . .

Today started with Tommy and Ruben running a 5K. THEY RAN THE ENTIRE THING! Not sure if you quite understand so I’ll rephrase; Tommy, my 7 year old and Ruben ran an entire 5K AND finished it. I AM PROUD.

The remainder of the day was filled with swimming (lots of it) friends, family, food and drink . . . It was a recipe for pure fun and I should have enjoyed every moment of it.

Instead I endured.

I worried, I panicked, I was anxious. I worried about the kids in the pool, although there were plenty of adults to supervise. I panicked when it was time to cook and get everyone fed, although it was only burgers and dogs and my anxiety levels were crazy high all day long. As everyone was sitting down to eat I opened a beer and finally sat poolside to watch my kids play in the pool.

Eli started jumping from the big rock in the pool when just 1 week ago he would not even get off of the stairs. Lucas continues to improve his swimming (without a vest!), diving all the way to the bottom of the deep end for diving toys. Tommy goes without saying he is a pro and swims like a fish.

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