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Photoshop Fun.

Something was bothering me about the pics I took yesterday and although my fingers are frozen (because our heater went out and it’s quite possibly one of the coldest winters I can remember here), I decided to do some editing.  The poor kids, left to fend for themselves, again. Because of the way the light […]

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An afternoon at the park.

It’s been raining and cold more than usual and the kids (not to mention me) are stir crazy. Today was cold but absolutely beautiful so I decided to get down to the park so the kids (and I) could play a little. Tommy is really getting into taking pictures, he got a point and shoot […]

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Tamales in the making.

One of our Christmas traditions is making and eating LOTS of Tamales. The day before Christmas Eve we made Tamales.  We started at 10 am and finished at 10PM. 28 dozen Tamales. This was supposed to be a post on my fabulous Tamale making (HA!)… about 1.5 hours into cutting the GORDO (see FAT) off […]

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Mommy! I’m Scared.

I was on my computer for the first time today (at bedtime) and Lucas came down the stairs scared and crying; Lucas: I’m scared because I think I played Lego Star Wars too much and I think that Darth Maul is behind the door, (heavy breathing)  and when I blink, he’s gonna kill Qui–Gon Jinn.  […]

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I’m Featured! I’m Featured.

Woo Hoo.  Check out my Super Glam Power Room remodel. It’s featured today on Remodelaholic!  Please check them out and us out and let me know what you think.

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