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Knocking over the vending machine

While I excitedly watched Lucas last week at his first gymnastics class; little sweet angle Eli was up to something. I found him crouched hiding on the stairs with a “prize”. I had heard him behind me playing with the vending machine, when I asked him to show me how he got it, he reached […]

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Making Tea

Tommy: Mom, I have a sore throat, can you make me some tea? Me: Sure, baby. Tommy: Mom, can I put in the honey? Me: No, the water is too hot, I don’t want you to burn yourself. Tommy: Mom, can I put the tea bag in? Me: No, the water is too hot. Tommy: […]

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Everyone’s got a story.

I have learned many things from my Grandpa Miltie;

He was born in Minnesota to a Norwegian immigrant dairy farmer, the third of seven children.  His family moved to Hickman, California, in 1947. They lived in the Foster Farms ranch house and his father worked for the Foster family. Although they were very poor, they lived a […]

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G e t   S o c i a l
B u t t o n ,   B u t t o n   w h o ' s   g o t   t h e   b u t t o n ?