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On my Mom’s side, the entire family lives in Arizona & Texas.  My Mom is the baby of 4 kids so it makes for a pretty large family especially considering that her big brother Billy and his wife Lorna had 7 (yes 7!) wonderful children.  My Mom’s oldest sister Jeanette lived here in California and […]

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I was okay ’til they played TAPS.

It’s funny because one thing that we all shared in common during my grandpas funeral was that we felt “at peace”.  Maybe it’s because my Grandpa lived such an awesome Godly life that there was absolutely no question about him being at the big party in the sky, maybe it was because we knew he […]

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Turn out the lights, the party’s over.

They say that all – all – good things must come to an end. . . Grandpa drove up in his big red truck.  I sat clinging to my Mom on the side of the road in front of a dive motel holding my burnt Snoopy doll.  Our VW square back had caught on fire […]

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G e t   S o c i a l
B u t t o n ,   B u t t o n   w h o ' s   g o t   t h e   b u t t o n ?