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Tamales in the making.

One of our Christmas traditions is making and eating LOTS of Tamales. The day before Christmas Eve we made Tamales.  We started at 10 am and finished at 10PM. 28 dozen Tamales. This was supposed to be a post on my fabulous Tamale making (HA!)… about 1.5 hours into cutting the GORDO (see FAT) off […]

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Christmas Eve Photos

So sorry I didn’t get these up sooner.  It’s been a little busy around here and honestly I haven’t been feeling too well. Here’s what I could get to so far. Ruby and her daddy.  Her favorite place to be.  Daddy’s arms. My beautiful girl. Tommy and Daddy. My Sister-in-law Sonia, and Brother-in-law Joe. Lucas […]

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Hey LOOK! A naked lady!

Well not really, but MADE YOU LOOK! Actually this post is about a Naked Lady or really the Amaryllis.  One of my friends was over this evening and she asked me what traditions we had for Christmas. While this one may seem silly, I just love it! I plant Naked Ladies at Thanksgiving and this […]

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G e t   S o c i a l
B u t t o n ,   B u t t o n   w h o ' s   g o t   t h e   b u t t o n ?