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Today I am talking about Darby O’Gill.

Every year on St. Patrick’s day we have a tradition of spray painting the kids hair green and orange.  After my Valentines Sweetheart (breadcrumb) trail to fun little homemade gifts for each one of the chitlins, and watching their excitement and fun on Valentine’s morning, I’ve decided to step up the festivities on St. Patties […]

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Yay!  I’m featured again on Remodelaholic, this time for my Kid’s bathroom overhaul.  Here is the link to it on Remodleaholic. Thanks for featuring me!  I had so much fun re-doing this bathroom.

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I am infamous for my “rules”.  So much in fact that when I first began caring for my nephew at the beginning of the school year, he often said “Tia, you have TOO MANY rules”.  I have rules about how we behave, how we groom ourselves, about sports gear, about eating…I have rules about everything. […]

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Tommy, Mommy’s sorry, I just STINK at laundry!

CONFESSION: I HATE LAUNDRY I really do, and it shows.  This is the state of my laundry room at this very moment. My favorite thing to do is close the door and say “Look! It goes away” and walk downstairs to do more important things like, hmmm…cook, blog, take unnecessary pictures of the kids. Poor […]

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